August 2017 Weather Pics

Curt Haugen, Birds eye view of Fargo

Tiffany Qualley, Forest Trail, Buffalo River MN 8-9-2017
Debbie Shields, Storm approaching Verona 8-9-2017
Jeanne Swick, Summer Makeover, South Moorhead
Michelle Hoyt, Lovely sky this evening! Pillsbury ND
Wendy Pederson, Rotating cloud, North moorhead 8-9-2017
Sue Buth, Funnel cloud over Moorhead 8-9-2017
Steve Sjoberg, Moorhead double rainbow 8-9-2017
Sonja Fuchs, hwy 10 looking to the north between dilworth and glyndom 8-9-2017
Shelby Barta, Double downpour, Oakport 8-9-2017
Sara Diaz, Dilworth Wal-Mart 8-9-2017
Sandy Nelson, A Face in the Cloud, West of Valley City 8-6-2017
Richard Freeman, South Fargo, Rainbow over our house 8-9-2017
Rhonda Walz, 10 miles East of Mahnomen 8-9-2017
Michele Grafenstein, Storm to close to home, So. Moorhead 8-9-2017
Melissa Burgard, Funnel cloud over north moorhead 8-9-2017
Megan Wiest, Road in front of bobcat, Gwinner ND 8-9-2017
Mary Wilmar, Double Rainbow, South Moorhead 8-9-2017
Lynne Drewelow, After the storm, South of Fergus Falls 8-9-2017

Kay Dahl, Funnel cloud sighted in Dilworth, MN on August 9th at 517
KaSaundra Peterson, Fargo, Enjoying a game after the rain 8-9-2017
John Olson 8-9-2017
Jessica, North Moorhead 8-9-2017
Jennifer Nelson, Just west of I29 and north of I94 in Fargo ND 8-9-2017
Jennifer Hocking, Funnel Cloud, Looking east towards Moorhead from North Fargo 8-9-2017
Jarrett Bender, Funnel cloud, Looking east from Trollwood Fargo 8-9-2017
Gabe Rittenour, A partial funnel cloud spotted at 520 PM August 9th 2017
Erick Thoresen, Scary cloud, Shevlin MN 8-9-2017
Emma Howey, Hail, Gwinner ND 8-9-2017
Donna Doughty, Mrs. Cardinal wondering if she needs to share the sunflowers 8-10-2017
Donna Doughty, Full Moon taken on Monday, August 7th, 2017, Fargo
Dale Rousseau, North of Kindred 8-9-2017
Craig Foster, Storm cell, Leonard MN 8-9-2017
Chyloe Holbrook, Moorhead 8-9-2017
Cameron Gail Bye, Funnel cloud, North Fargo ND 8-9-2017
Brian Sailer, Small funnel looking from T&T Fitness on Main in Fargo 8-92017
Ben, Rose enjoying the rain, North Fargo 8-9-2017
Beau Mundt, Few miles east of Dillworth, Funnel cloud 8-9-2017
Angie Elenberger, Hail, Gwinner ND 8-9-2017
Andrea Wayman, Sunflowers and storm, Leonard ND 8-10-2017
Amy Johnson, Hail, North of Dilworth 8-9-2017
Virginia Creech, Tolna Dam 8-11-2017
Tim Broeren, Rainbow on road in Valley City 8-11-2017
Robert Ecklund, Rainbow, South of Perham MN 8-10-2017
Karen Burke, Eagle at west fargo pond 8-10-2017
Donna Doughty, Mama red squirrel having a snack 8-10-2017
Tiffany Qualley, Rainbow Sunset, Comstock MN 8-14-2017
Erin Schnell, Lilly pads and cattails, Long Lake MN 8-15-2017
Donna Parnow, Early morning visitor, Goodridge MN 8-14-2017
Chrissie Kunze, East Silent Lake 8-16-2017
Alaina Fisher, Pink skies after rainy night, Horace ND 8-18-2017
John M Vik, Evening Sunset, Crookston MN 8-22-2017
Drew, Sunset tractor, Grafton 8-22-2017
Barb Wyman, The sun gets the final say, Hankinson 8-21-2017
Kennedi Enjoying Tulaby Lake Sunset 8-21-2017

Donna Doughty, Cardinal Song, Fargo 8-29-2017

Sheri Johnson, Sunrise on Little Pine Lake Perham MN 8-30-2017

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