January 2017 Weather Pics

1-1-2017 Poochie on Tundra, Ruth Wanzek
1-2-2017 Blue Jay Snow, Kat
1-3-2017 Circumzenithal Arc, Tracy Kadlec
1-3-2017 Deep Snow Baudette, Kris Johnson
1-5-2017 Enough Already, Andy Waubun
1-3-2017 Halo, Alicia Marie
1-5-2017 Sun Dogs, South Moorhead, Tammy Gores
1-6-2016 Sliver of a Sunset, Barby
1-7-2016 Rabbits are Cold, Sharon
1-8-2017 Sunset Blanchard, Linda
1-10-2017 Light Pillars Valley City, Casey Engelhard
1-12-2017 Snow Wave, Portland, The Ganders
1-14-2017 Eagle Pair, Marlys
1-15-2017 North Dakota Sunset, Tom S.
1-18-2017 Family of Turkeys, Alicia Marie
1-18-2017 Mother Nature’s Art, Michelle
1-18-2017 Swans on Pelican Lake, Rick J.
1-20-2017 Foggy Night, L. Peterson
1-21-2017 KVLY Tower in Sunset, Linda
1-22-2017 Sunsets of January, LC
1-25-2017 Sundown at Lake Laretta, Michigan ND
1-28-2017 Aurora, Wilkin County, Chris Olson
1-29-2017 Grand Forks Sunset, Mike Lawrence
1-19-2017 Chad Lang, Sunshine above Fog, Near Lake Ashtabula ND
1-24-2017 Becky, Skiing at Detroit Mountain, Detroit Lakes MN
1-30-2017 Tami, Snow-Covered Trees, Gully MN
1-12-2017 Cat In Snow, Barbie Wyman
1-14-2017 Eagles, Marlys
1-17-2017 Owl, Fargo, Alicia Marie
1-19-2017 Hoar Frost, Argusville, Carla Isom
1-19-2017 Jumping Into Thursday, Christine Stanwood
1-20-2017 Snow Igloo Sarah
1-23-2017 Cat Catch
1-23-2017 Snowman, Big Ben
1-29-2017 Kid4Cast, Misha

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