July 2017 Weather Pics

Lightning Bolt on the north side of Fargo near the 12th Ave. bridge. – Candi Willey
Crystal – Upper Cormorant Lake
Craig Black – Beautiful sunset
Cindy Abrahamson – Colorful sky
Chris Vettleson – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Cathy Staffne – 4th of July weather pics
Brenda King – Cotton Candy Clouds
Brandi Trimble – Sunset over north Moorhead on 4th of July
Brady Johnson – Thunderboomer
Bob Mehring – Sunset on 4th of July
Ben Bush – Storm coming
Becky Anderson – Gully, MN
Barb Schumacher – Jewett Lake in Ottertail County
Barb Melroe – Sunset at Roy Lake, SD
Barb Belcher
Ashley Fisher – Thursday Evening Rain Rolling In
Arik Kleen – East of Grafton
Anne Buchanan – Sunset before the storm
Anissa Long – Clouds shaped like the United States of America on the fourth of July
Adrianne Winger – Northwest of Crookston
Addie Long – Little pine lake Zorbaz double rainbow
Adam Murdock – Lightning moving into Mapleton area
Adam Francis – Sunset over little Cormorant
Aaron Fauss – The Almighty painting on their canvas
Zach Thompson – Calm before the storm
Vinny Parr – Fertile, MN
Vicki Jackson – Sunset through tree
Therese Neumann – Beauty at its best
Terry Maier – Sunset at its finest little Detroit lake
Taylor McMillan – Blanket Cloud
Suzette Trenda – Calm before the storm
Susie Hammer – Clouds behind the storm
Sue Offermann – Showers rolling through West Fargo at sunset
Steve Beilke – The Old Railroad Station tower clock at dawn
Steve Beilke – Lindenwood Park Fountain ready for the 4th
Steve Beilke – Fargo decorated for the 4th
Stephanie McMillan – Fire in the sky
Sharon Weber – Waiting for MSUM fireworks to start
Scott Peters – Patriotic silo
Sarah Lunday – Sunset 4th of july
Sarah Fredrickson – Bond fire storms to the north east of us
Sammie Smith – Fireworks under the sunset in West Fargo
Samantha Banet – Sanford Sunset
Nicole Albaugh – Clouds
Michelle Hoyt – Storm over Pillsbury
Melissa Erickson – 4th of July Sky
Marsha Arens – A window between the storms
Mari Jameson – Clouds
Linda Johnson – Puff clouds
Linda Brown – Beautiful blue & white sunset
LaVonne Sannes – Clouds
Kimberly McMillan – West Fargo fairgrounds
Kensie Haugen – Goodridge, MN
Kathy Flaat – After the 4th of July Thunderstorm
Judy Anderson – Morning sunshine on the 4th of July
Jen Coles – 4th of July skies over Horace
Hayley Letvin – Double Light Show
Glenn U. Benedicto Fargo Thunderstorm
Dianne Christopherson – Arial sprayer over McIntosh, MN
Cynthia Nagle – Sunset 4th of july
Alexa Reynolds, Long Lake, Vergus MN
Wayne Chadwick, Cloud Line, Bemidji MN
Vanessa Mitzel, Peaceful sunset, Eagle Lake in Frazee Minnesota
Tyler Staffne, West Fargo, Streak Lightning
Susan Maurer, Sunset on Lake Sallie, Lake Sallie
Susan Maurer, Calm after the storm, Lake Sallie
Sue Carlson, Jamestown
Steve Beilke, The early morning sun hiding behind the old train depot clock tower, Broadway and 5th St N
Robin Weiland, Red River Valley Fair at Sunset
Rick Craig, Nigh on to sundown, Towner County
Paul Viger, Summer rain, Campbell MN
Nicolle Toso, Thunderstorm, Hwy 59 south of Elbow Lake
Natalie Saueressig, Sunset, Fargo ND
Michael Kopperude, Swans by Battle Lake
Linda Johnson, Blanchard
Linda Brown, After the storm, Jamestown ND
Kim Brovold, Falcon, Moorhead MN
Karisa Heinrich, Storms A Brewin, Battle Lake
Karen Foss, Sunset near Flag Island Resort, NW Angle MN
Juan, East of Horizon Shores
Jeremy Brandt, Golden Lake sunset, Golden Lake, ND
Jayden Lindgren, Angry Wall Cloud at the Lake, Lake Ida, Cormorant, Minnesota
Herb R, Sky on fire, S. Fargo
Gary R, West Fargo
Erin Schnell, Sunset, Breezy Point Resort on Straight Lake
Dylan Sherwood, Emma Lake Sunset
DeVaughn Bergeson, Near Shevlin MN
Debbie Thompson, Sunset, Horseman Lake near Bemidji MN
Casey Engelhard, Amazingly beautiful sunset, Valley City
Becky Green, Outside Lowry MN
Becky Black, Beautiful Sunset, Munson Lake
Barbara Gunderson, Lightning, South of Glasstonm ND
Barb Stockert, Double Rainbow 1, I94 by Eldridge
Shannon Anderson, Calm after the storm, Buxton
Rome, distant storm, taken from W Fargo
Kara Hagen, Lightning, West Fargo
Josh ONeill, calm before the storm, DL
Jason swenson
Shelby Ellsworth, July 11 Storm, Downtown Fargo
Bill and Joyce Schueller, Plans cancelled! Silver Lake, Battle Lake, MN
Carla Otten, Sunset, Pickerel Lake
Casey Engelhard, Double Rainbow Over Church, Moorhead
Cheryl Hubrig,Near Ashby MN, Outlet from Pelican Lake
Chris Holland Mehlhaff Amazing Sunset View over Big Detroit Lake
Diane Karsten
Donna Doughty, Sunflower with bee
Jeffrey Nathan, Sunset at Lake Ashtabula
Katie Sayler, Storm is movin in, Ottertail Lake
Kylene Wagenman, Sunset, Westberry MN
Lois Orpen, Summer on the Thief River
Mark Birtdeman, Lake Ida
Melinda Martin, Storm by Clifford ND
Melissa Carmichael, Sunset in God’s Country, Rollag MN
Nancy Summers, Sunset, West Fargo facing west
Sarah Hokenson, Big Floyd Lake MN
Scott Schmidt, Beautiful Lake Eunice
Steve Devaney, Fergus Falls, Storm 7-21-17
Taylor Lloyd, Sunset with lightning, Bisbee ND
Theresa L Busche, Lightning, Sibley ND
Tiffany Qualley, Fargo ND, Colorful evening sunset
Dixie Lee Supler, Sunset at Shrine Club at Jamestown Masonic Lodge
Juan Garza, Sunset over Red River in North Moorhead
Lynnea Linquist, Red sky at morning, Sunrise clouds over Detroit Lakes
Andrew Law, Sunset over Pelican Lake

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