October 2016 Weather Pics

10-22-2016 Peaceful Day On Cotton Lake Michelle Root
10-22-2016 Sunrise In Tolna, Lisa
10-23-2016 Creel Bay, Harris Saele
10-26-2016 Morning Fog, Starwood
10-27-2016 Fargo Sunrise, Ruth
10-28-2016 Corn Crib Sunset, Qualley
10-29-2016 Harvest Picture, Jim Whitman
10-4-2016 Tracie Potter, Beautiful Morning on Fox Lake, Detroit Lakes MN
10-5-2016 Linda Brown Awesome Fall Colors

10-30-2016 Spooky Moon, Karen Berger

10-5-2016 Sharon, Beautiful Day at Turtle Lake, Bemidji MN
10-9-2016 Ryan Olson, Fiery Sunrise, Ashby MN
10-11-2016 Ali, Beautiful Sunrise, Pelican Rapids MN
10-18-2016 Steve Beilke, Glassy Lake, Oak Grove Park, Fargo ND
10-19-2016 Katie, A Slice of Sunshine
10-21-2016 Ken Freiss, Creek through Autumn Landscape
10-24-2016 Andy, Sunset on Downer Road
10-24-2016 Bobbie Northern Reflections, NW of Grand Forks
10-31-2016 Melody Thomsen, A Purrfect Halloween Sunrise
10-1-2016 Fall Day, Amber Bender
10-2-2016 Nature’s Painting, Marty
10-3-2016 Soy Bean Harvest, Allison Kangas
10-7-2016 Horseman Lake Sunset, Debbie
10-8-2016 Morning Sky, Kim
10-9-16 Football Season, Amber Bender
10-9-2016 Hunter’s Moon, Tracey Hays
10-9-2016 Midwest Sunrise, Tami O.
10-12-2016 Sunset, Lake Tamarac, Teri
10-13-2016 Heart Cloud, Qualley
10-14-2016 Fall
Colors, J. Yang
10-15-2016 Cool Nights Hot Emotions, Rick
10-16-2016 Sunrise, Otter Tail, Mary Miller
10-18-2016 Barnes CO, Well, DakotaJodi
10-18-2016 Rainbow, Mark Appell
10-18-2016 Rainbow, Mark Appell

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